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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Globally, organizations find themselves navigating unprecedented challenges. Whether it’s responding to the Co-Vid 19 pandemic or responding to the national conversation on racial inequality, Sphinx Minerva Group is prepared to guide you through the  planning and strategy conversations that move you from “Surviving to Thriving”!

Our experienced team, under the leadership of Dr. Brian D. Agnew is uniquely positioned to be your strategic partner, providing support, counsel and best practices to enhance your institution’s commitment to Diversity & Inclusion practices. Let us help you:

  • Create and/or enhance your diversity and inclusion statement

  • Develop strategies to ensure an inclusive workplace

  • Facilitate conversations relevant to the Black Lives Matter movement

  • Execute recruitment and retention strategies for employees of underrepresented backgrounds

  • Develop effective organizational goals for Diversity and Inclusion in your organization

Our philosophy is built on the premise that education is power. Conversations about diversity and inclusion can be uncomfortable and unsettling, which is why it is important to engage experienced facilitators. Allow Sphinx Minerva Group to be your partner to meaningful impact within your organization.

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Services
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